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Remodelling of the Rhein-Mosel-Hall in Koblenz into the Rhein-Mosel-Congress-Centre (RMCC)

General redevelopment of the congress centre Rhein-Mosel-Halle, including extension of a new foyer and a conference centre. In total 16 function rooms of a surface between 35 m² and 900 m². Exhibition space 1,600 m². Possible seating capacity between 10 and 1,400. 85% of the energy needs for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation are covered by renewable energies.

Important facts about the project

Services rendered

  • Heat supply and drinking water supply with involvement of neighbouring hotel, condensing technology and cogeneration system
  • Groundwater – Heat pump technology for standard heat supply and room cooling system, partial air-conditioning in 9 event halls or rooms with heat recovery
  • Ventilation systems for subsidiary areas and kitchen with heat recovery
  • Sanitary facilities, gas, water and sewerage technology and sprinkler system
  • Electrical engineering, facilities of heavy and low current, lightning system and safety technology


2009 - 2012


von Canal Architekten & Ingenieure, Germany

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