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Our Services at a glance

IncoWest offers business activities across the whole infrastructure-sector. This means a clear advantage for our clients: One point of contact for all project components and throughout the entire projectcycle.

Architektur & Ingenieurbau


IncoWest combines high quality architecture with modern construction techniques. We believe in the duality of inside space and outside appearance and that form should never prevail over function. » More information


Civil Engineering

We offer innovative solutions for surface- and underground construction as well as special structures. This allows to size the clients' vision ...
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Strasse & Verkehr

Roads & Transportation

A well-functioning infrastructure is the key for economic growth and thus the most basic requirement for social progress. We develop new residential areas with children’s play streets as well as ...
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Wasser & Umwelt

Water & Environment

Clean water is life. We bring clean drinking water to the people. IncoWest explores groundwater, drills wells, builds pumping stations, stores potable water and develops distribution networks.
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Technische Gebäudeausrüstung

Air Conditioning & Sanitary Engineering

Spaces and rooms that are equipped by us stand out for their balanced setups: the temperature is comfortable, at any season. This is our way to contribute to a better „climate“.
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Elektro- & Maschinentechnik

Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Functionality and operational reliability of technical equipment will ensure the quality of your investment. No matter if we are equipping a public building, an industrial building or a pumping station ...
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Spezialisierte Ingenieurdienstleitungen

Specialised Engineering Services

Additional competences complete the vast scope of services offered by IncoWest. We carry out surveying activities, for example, for road construction projects as well as in the water ...
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Organisation & Management

Organisation & Management

Based on our experience we give you professional guidance when optimizing your operating procedures. We do not believe in miracle solutions, we rather start by thoroughly analysing existing ...
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