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IncoWest Ingenieure + Architekten GmbH & Co. KG is a full service provider of comprehensive and interdisciplinary consultancy in the building- and equipment sector in Germany and abroad.

Our Services

IncoWest offers business activities across the whole infrastructure-sector. This means a clear advantage for our clients:

One point of contact for all project components and throughout the entire projectcycle.

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IncoWest in Germany

We live in a country which is always striving for the better. This is reflected in our work. We too continuously endeavour to render better services. IncoWest ensures best results through highly qualified staff, modern technology and latest procedures. Within our scope of services, we continue to maintain our leading position.

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IncoWest International

International Cooperation is one of our core activities. Together with our overseas offices and associates we have successfully completed projects in over 40 countries.

In International Cooperation, we specialize in the water and sanitation sector as well as in road construction and institutional strengthening of public utilities.

Our Projects

Our experience is based on numerous projects in Germany and worldwide.

Each reference marks a professionally handled project and a satisfied client who will contact IncoWest again for his next project.

A selection of our most striking projects is here presented ...

WWTP Malta

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Water & Environment
New Wastewater Treatment Plant in Malta

Congress-Centre Koblenz

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Air conditioning & Sanitary engineering
Remodelling of Congress-Centre in Koblenz

Second. School Maxdorf

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Civil Engineering
Development of secondary school in Maxdorf