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New Wastewater Treatment Plant, Malta

Provision of Project Management Services for the Malta South Sewer Network (MSSN) System serving the enire island of Malta including the capital city of Valetta. The implementation included 4 lots for the collection, pumping, treatment of 80% of the wastewaters of the island. The projects comprised four lots, all Design and Build and in particular the construction of :

  • Two major, new transport pipelines / galleries (33 km)
  • Two new pumping stations to feed the two major gravity flow galleries
  • A sewage treatment plant for the South of Malta (population equivalent (PE) of 415,000)
  • Treated effluent submarine outfalls of 500m to deep sea.

Important facts about the project

Services rendered

IncoWest’s responsibility for project management functions entailed the overall monitoring of cost and progress of works, ensuring the application of state-of-the-art technology, overseeing the application of appropriate procedures for the procurement as well as for designing and building the four mentioned project components / lots and establishing project.


2008 - 2011


90.000.000 Euro


Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure, Water Service Corporation (WSC)

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