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The Projects: Organisation & Management

Technical Assistance to the National Operator of Rural Roads DGPR

Rehabilitation of 975 km of rural roads in 13 provinces of the country. Supervision of the control over the works as well as technical and financial follow up of the project.

Important facts about the project

Services rendered

  • Supervision of the control over the works, technical and financial follow up of the project
  • Maintenance programmes of rural roads
  • Effective carrying out the ongoing maintenance programmes of the rural roads.
  • Preparation of the tender documents (works and services) including marketing and negotiation
  • Technical assistance and project management
  • Review of the invitation to tender documents
  • Analyse of offers and evaluation
  • Final editing of the working contract
  • Participation in the elaboration of the implementation of the works programme
  • Supervision of the construction works and securing the conformity with the execution plan
  • Elaboration of the monthly payments count and control of budgets
  • Study on addendums, design of extra construction works and backstopping works
  • Cooperation with consulting offices, reports on the advancement of the works


2006 - 2008


35.700.000 Euro


Direction Générale des Pistes Rurales DGPR

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